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Classic credit card

The card in 4 million pockets

  • £200 - £1,500 starting credit limit
  • Get up to 2 credit increases a year
  • Build your credit score over time

34.9% representative APR variable.

Not using your card responsibly could hurt your credit score. This could mean you're less likely to be offered a credit limit increase.
Phone and card imag with Fairer Finance award logo - Credit Builder Cards 2024, Rated by Experts

Things to love about a classic card

Award-winning app

Make payments, see your PIN and manage your card on the go. Near, far, wherever you are.

Flexible credit limits

Ask for an increase or lower it if you need to. Plus, we’ll never up your limit without your say-so.

No nasty surprises

No annual costs, and the APR you’re offered after checking your eligibility is always the one you’ll get.
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No impact on your credit score

Spread your spends

With a credit card, you can spread the cost of bigger things over a longer time, instead of having to pay it all back at once.

Plus, you’ll automatically get up to 56 days interest-free on all new spends (so long as you pay your balance off each month).

Grow your credit score

Managing a credit card well can do wonders for your credit rating over time.

Use your card in a responsible way, like making payments on time and staying within your limit, and your score will show a healthy relationship with credit.

Purchase peace of mind

Shop with confidence when you use a credit card. You’ll get Section 75 protection on most spends between £100 and £30,000. So if something goes wrong with a purchase, you might be able to get the money back.

Plus there’s round-the-clock fraud security that’s always got your back.

It’s easy to check if you’re eligible

Tell us about yourself

Fill in a few details and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible, without affecting your credit score.

Get a straight yes or no

We’ll tell you if you’ll be accepted on the spot, so you can decide if you want to apply.

Apply for your card

If you’re eligible and you think the card’s right for you, you can apply in one tap of a button.
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No impact on your credit score


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